Installation Details: 700 Palette Pack

Step 1: Choose the GRF you need

Choose the GRF you need. If you have a pre-renewal server, use “KamishiPalettes-PreRenewal.grf”, else use “KamishiPalettes-All.grf”.

Step 2: Add the GRF in your client

Add the GRF inside the your client’s folder. Then add it’s name in data.ini, before everything other grf.

Example below:


Step 4: Update your client.conf

Open conf/Battle/client.conf, make sure you have set the following values to the correct numbers:

min_hair_style: 0
max_hair_style: 100 // Set this to your max hair style number.
min_hair_color: 0
max_hair_color: 127
min_cloth_color: 0
max_cloth_color: 700

Step 5: Update your stylist

Make sure to update your stylist so it can go up to 700 clothes palettes and 127 hair colors. I do not provide stylist script.

Step 6: Install “GRF Classes Corrections” from Me & Haziel

Pre-renewal classes corrections :

Costumes corrections :

Step 7: Test if it works

Use @dye <clothes color number> and @hcolor <hair color number> commands to test the palettes
If you have a problem, please contact me on laetitiakami[@]

Step 8: Leave a cool review! 😉

Here, thank you!